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At Auto Leather Interiors, we have worked rigorously in developing a quality product that our clients want by way of unrivalled luxury and individuality, at prices anyone will find affordable.

We fit to over 21 different makes of vehicle including Mercedes, BMW and Audi to name but a few.

Leather Trimming


Getting your car upholstered with leather is one of the best choices you can make. Aside from the distinct style and sophistication, leather is also highly durable. We are sure that the design and form will be there even after many years of use. Auto Leather Interiors knows leather best.

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Leather Door Cards


Door cards may seem like a small part of your car. However, it can add up to the entire facet of your automobile. Therefore, it is vital for you to also design your door cards accordingly. This means that it should be in contrast or in perfect combination with your car’s interior and exterior designs.

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Leather Steering Wheel Retrim


If there is one part of the car that is closest and most important to the driver, then it must be the steering wheel. The steering is the main control of the car’s direction. Therefore, it is the one that drivers always get a grip on. However, steering wheels are usually taken for granted when it comes to styling.

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